New paper on distributive politics in EU funding accepted at JCMS

A new paper on the allocation of EU structural funds, co-authored with Lisa Dellmuth and Michael Stoffel, has been accepted at the Journal of Common Market Studies. Here we expand our research on the county-level allocation of EU funding towards a comparative perspective, taking into account the effects of electoral institutions.

Paper on Voting Behavior of Disadvantaged Workers Accepted for Publication at Socio-Economic Review

My paper co-authored with Patrick Emmenegger and Paul Marx, entitled “Labour market disadvantage, political orientations and voting: How adverse labour market experiences translate into electoral behavior”, has been accepted for publication in Socio-Economic Review!

Here we use mediation analysis to analyze how the temporal accumulation of different adverse labor market experiences (unemployment, low-wage work…) impacts on voters’ external efficacy and preferences for redistribution . This then is shown to be systematically related to people’s propensity to vote for radical left or right wing parties.