Fritz Thyssen Prize for best article in the social sciences

I am grateful that my recent article in the Swiss Political Science Review receives the 2020 Fritz Thyssen prize for the best article published in the social sciences of the German-speaking world. Some research publishes more easily, most is difficult to publish, and some gets not published at all. This piece was one of the more difficult ones. So I am even more pleased to see it winning a price. Thanks to SPSR for nominating my contribution!

Paper on inequality and EU regime support accepted at JCMS

My recent paper on income inequality and European regime evaluations has been accepted at the Journal of Common Market Studies. I argue that income inequality is an influential antecedent cause of regime evaluations in Europe’s multi-level governance system. While rising inequality depresses citizens’ evaluations of national regimes, European regime support benefits. You can also find a preprint on my researchgate site. Replication material is coming soon.

SNSF Ambizione Grant

I have received a SNSF Ambizione Grant for my project “Regional inequality and the political geography of EU support”. The grant will allow me to research this topic over the next four years, providing generous funding and the possibility to employ a PhD student.

New Paper at Swiss Political Science Review

My paper “Politically alienated through low-wage work? Evidence from panel data” has been accepted at Swiss Political Science Review. It uses Swiss household panel data to investigate how low-wage work spells erode citizens’ support for democracy.